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#10 - Tuxedo Cats vs. Sweatpants Cats

The gang busts out their best equations for Mathematical Biologist Dr. Kit Yates, who takes comedians Sophie Buddle (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Nima Gholamipour (The Slowest Show), and Adam DiMarco (The Magicians) on a journey into why Tuxedo Cats are so freakin' well dressed.

#9 - I Should Mention That the Fish Are Screaming

The gang takes a deep dive into everyone's favourite part of the fish: the eyeballs. Guest scientist Tareq Yousef illuminates how we see light and dark for comedians Alistair Ogden, Alannah Brittany, and Ryan Beil. We also consider calling the ethics committee on Ryan, who is maybe torturing French Salmon.

#8 - If Something is Dangling, It Doesn’t Sound Great

Great science comes in teeny tinsy teeny packages, as the gang discovers when Dr. Roshan Achal does his level best to explain atomic-scale manufacturing. Helping him assemble big ideas atom-by-atom, we have Ronald Dario, Allie Entwistle, and Mark Chavez on the line. Let's get small.

#7 - Pure Trash, Round and Round

The gang interrupts the important work of sustainable plastics researcher Dr. Love-Ese Chile, who probably should've told her lab-mates that she was taping a podcast that day. Dialing into this episode, we have the brilliant comedic stylings of Tim Carlson, Rae Lynn Carson, and Peter Carlone, who are hell-bent on classifying plastic based on its smell, altitude, and level of mysteriousness.

#6 - Falling In Love... with the Flub!

The gang lowkey ruins the research of our wonderful guest microbiologist Morgan Alford. On the party line this week are the incredible comedians Abdul Aziz, Kelli Ogmundson, and Aaron Read, who take us on a journey to a not-so-distant future where we will be forcing people to live underwater.

#5 - Will You Take the Red P-Wave or the Blue P-Wave?

The gang enters the Matrix of superfluids, as physicist Pramodh Senarath Yapa unleashes his inner ³He-Man on comedians Amy Shostak, Alistair Ogden, and Abdul Aziz.

#4 - Fievel Goes Half A Block West, At Most

Rat researcher Kaylee Byers tells us some tall tails about her favorite rodent, as Taz Van Rassel, Ronald Dario, and Amy Shostak get tongue-tied.

#3 - But Your Parents... Argon.

Pietro Giampa sheds some light on dark matter, while Rae Lynn Carson, Kevin Lee, and Alistair Ogden do their best to find out what really matters about the dark.

#2: Tubey and/or Goopy

Marine biologist Julie Dimitrijevic takes Christine Bortolin, Tim Carlson, and Ryan Beil on a deep dive into the world of microplastics and Blue Mussels. Spoiler alert: the mussels are better at filtering plastic than these comedians are at doing science.

#1: Pangea Sank?

Peter Crockford teaches Alistair Ogden, Ryan Beil, and Christine Bortolin about ancient biospheres and they ruin all of it.

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